Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey loves Brrr its soo cold here i am literally freezing as i write lol. So as promised here is the low down on these Nyx Round Lipsticks I have done individual pictures of each color,all lipsticks were applied directly to the lips without anything on,let me know if you have any further questions and I hope you all have a great week =) xxo.

 1. Narcissus

2. B52

 3. Pumpkin Pie

4. Chloe

5. Orange Soda

6. Fig **FAV**

7. Thalia

8. Gardenia

9. Circle

So thats all of the swatches i decided to chuck in the last one which was gifted to me by a very good  friend on youtube so i hope this helps you all in your decisions =),also for reference i am a NC42 skin tone thanks for viewing xxo

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey bloggers so i was requested on my YouTube channel to review the Katy Perry Shatter and Teenage dream now i was going to make a YouTube video for this but seeing as i only had the one requested i thought i should post something on here instead =),so lets jump into the review.

Okay so if you are from NZ these are available at farmers for $26.90 i know that is hefty but for a great product sometimes comes a great price,My first impression when getting this was WOW what a well worth spent investment.

So I am the type of girl who love's the nail art design,And when i heard they were coming out with these I automatically had to have it. I can say im not one to fuss with all the hassle of dazzling my nails so you can imagine my excitement that this product could do that all in an instant.Each bottle contains 15ml of product in them and both nail polishes apply very well,i did notice that teenage dream is not as sheer as most other glitter nail polishes i have tried which is a plus seeing as less product means more use,as for the crackle i feel as though you do use a generous amount to gain the crackle effect which in turn probably means it will finish a lot faster but if i can have done up nails in a minute i aint complaining lol.

So i have had the nail polish on for a total of 4 days with an orly top to bottom coat and i noticed that the edges did have minor chips but nothing major i did try to get a clear view of it but the camera just wasn't  working out sorry.But other than that the nail polish did stay intact as i did only apply one top coat, and I would think that had I applied a second top coat the chipping would not have occurred, so with that said i  hope you have a good idea of my opinion and if you have any further questions please send them through and i hope u all have a fabulous day =) xox!