Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey loves so i wanted to blog about these jeffery campbell wedges i picked up this week,if you follow me on Facebook you would have seen these in advance but for those who have not here we are =),So i was browsing Trademe last week which is New Zealands own little ebay sort of site and i came accross a seller who was selling these for a good deal because she had purchased a size to big,Nedless to say i jumped at the chance to grab these babies and here we are,so a little about these shoes well they are open-toe suede kiltie booties which feature tassels at the front.They are Covered with elastic gore inset and exposed zip at inner side and they also have Rubber soles.The heels measure at 4.25" which is a great size heel for comfort not to big and not to small.So enough about the specs onto the main question are they comfortable?Well i am happy to report an A+ for these shoes they are everything i imagined in a wedge the inner sole is so comfy i even quoted on Facebook "they feel like im walking on cushions lol,well thats it for me i hope you all enjoy the rest of your week let me know if you grab a pair i would love to hear your thoughts take care loves xxxo.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey loves and new loves i have seen a small increase in followers on my blog which is awesome welcome to you guys and thank you for following,so let me start by saying sorry for the lack in post it has been a super busy month and on top of that i have a silly cold which is killing me lol,joking i am getting there i feel a lot better today then i was 5 days ago hallelujah for that lol,but anyway im rambling so without further a do i present a haul to you guys =),a lovely subscriber of mine introduced me to a outlet called BDM GRANGE which is a full service Marketer & Distributor of personal care & beauty products,they run a outlet store off the side which sell the distributed products at a lower price links and info for this will be below.So yesterday mum had the day off work so we decided to go shopping out in Albany and what a day i had it was super fun i managed to score a lot of bargains out there and now im all shopped out for the week let me get onto the pictures =)..

Okay so this first photo are the cosmetic goodies i picked up which consist of 2 nail polishes 2 lipsticks and a box of instant purple leopard print eye shadows, Below are individual pictures of each item and there AMAZING price!! =) 

O.P.I (let me entertain you)$10  Color Club(catwalk queen)$5

Swatches: Cherish /Afina
Instant Eye shadow PACK OF 2:$3.99 

Also i picked up a few Toiletries because they were super cheap

St Ives warming scrub $6 TREseme $6 St Ives Moisturiser $4 St Ives Cleanser $4.50 

So that's it for this Haul hope you guys enjoyed viewing this if you have any question fling them my way,if not i hope you all enjoy your weekends =) xxo!!


1PricelesssBeauty xxo