Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey ♡ lovelies so last night i was invited along to attend Phillippa from the YouTube channel BabyMacBeauty's MAC sale event.The night was such a great experience i got to meet the beautiful face behind the website MAC-O-LICIOUS,not only that but there were drinks and nibbles to go with it =),I found a few items which i had been wanting on her site which i ended up getting,there is also a haul on my youtube for this and i will place all links below but i wanted to do swatches of my items because i filmed at night and the colors did not seem 100% right so here you will find everything i got and what they look like "on paper" sorry guys but i will work to improve my swatches,other than that i hope you all enjoy this post and have a wonderful week and i shall see you all in the next one =) xx.



Mac-o-Licious ONLINE SHOP
Phillippa: YouTube

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey loves so i recently purchased the NYX Nude on Nude palette to compare against my Urban Decay Naked palette as i heard this was a dupe somewhere and i wanted to test it for myself,and i must say this palette is pretty impressive however having said that i do NOT think this is a DUPE for UD Naked Palette but rather a good cheaper alternative for shades which run from neutral to dramatic so if you dont like spending a tone on makeup this would suit you. So first of i want to address its packaging i feel that the packaging is very cute and light weight the compact is made from plastic and has a semi clear lid where you can clearly see the shadows through,and i love that underneath the shadows you can pull out 10 lip colors which range from pinks to reds this definitely makes it a versatile product because you kind of get a 2 in 1 deal here.Onto the price this palette cost me $22.50 US/$27.61 NZ which is awesome as the UD/NAKED Palette is around $48US/58.91 NZ so if you are after a cheaper alternative this definitely is a great buy,also this was purchased from Pork if you are wondering and i found them to be the cheapest for not only the palette but shipping so i will post a link below so you can check them out i believe they are having a 10% off sale at the moment =),below are some pictures of the palette i hope you all enjoy your week and let me know if you have any questions.





So thats all i have for you lovely ladies today i may do a look using this palette and post a picture with or without swatches later on but i hope this post helps some of you get a insight into the palette,happy shopping everyone xxo!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hello my beautiful bloggers so as mentioned in my haul video i recently had these lashes done over the weekend, i will post a few pictures to show you the process and outcome of these.
So about a week ago i was shopping at a market with my sister when we came across a cute little stall that was selling makeup and Party Eyelash Extensions for ONLY $20, my sister and i both jumped at the opportunity to have them done at that price.
It has now been 6 days since i had them done and i am very impressed that they have managed to stay intact for such a long time considering i am not the most cautious person lol, at first i was skeptical because it seemed dodgy having eyelash extensions done at a market lol, but in the end it was a success the lashes used for this particular job are in fact synthetic but in photos they look very natural and do not weigh down my natural lashes at all,i was told that these last anywhere between 2-3 or even 4 weeks depending how well you care for them,well thats it from me i will put pics and info below and i hope you all enjoy the rest of your week xo!.

Before: Natural Eyelashes
This is how they apply the lashes

After: With Extensions

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