Friday, December 17, 2010


Hello beautiful people so if you are reading you must have found me via my link I'm super happy to have finally attained my very own blog its like the journal i never wrote in lol!but hey no need to worry guys i will not neglect you!soo as you will notice I have published 2 post before this one and as mentioned on my channel I did start this blog before annoucing it and so there are 2 posts to get you guys started =D so to let you guys know what I will be doing on this blog and what I will use it for.

So on my blog I will post random reviews,hauls,and all that good stuff that may or may not be featured on my YOUTUBE channel as I am aware of those who are most likely to only tune into one or the other but not to worry you can follow both if you prefer.So welcome to you all I hope you all enjoy what i have to say!and don't be shy to comment and ask questions after all i am here for you all! also don't forget to check out my youtube link which is below and subscribe for support.

sooo that sums this post up thank you all soooooo much for you're time in reading I wish you all a very safe and happy Merry Christmas and New Year and I look forward to our journey together. 

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Hey loves so I was out just this week and I stopped of at countdown to pick up a few items and have you ever been to get something in particular and ended up buying the total opposite lol so that is my story today lol.So I thought instead of making the usual video why not show you guys the awesome finds I got at my local supermarket, so here is a picture of the following goodies.

TRESemme heat protective spray $6.99, TRESemme Dry Shampoo $14.29, 
Nivea Soft FACE & BODY $7.99,
Dove Facial cleanser $4.99, Neutrogena hand cream $1.50

So I was running low on heat protective spray & I love using Tresemme for protecting my hair from the ever so damaging hair straightener which i cannot live without lol,this is truly a great inexpensive must have if you're a person who loves to style you're hair with heated tools like me =D this not only protects my hair but I always seem to get a soft and shiny result from this product so its definitely worth the $7,moving on OMG you can not believe how excited i was to find INEXPENSIVE DRY SHAMPOO in NEW ZEALAND this was a must have for me I have heard countless reviews on these baby's and finally NZ listened yay!I did try this out but not enough to give a full on statement so let me know if you would like to hear one it is a bit hefty in price for a supermarket product but hey if you can get a fresh lock of hair in an instant i ain't complaining lol. Also i purchased the December Cleo magazine edition and look here they have done a beauty panel on it so here is a snip of what it says =D.

Awesome right??lol i will most definitely try the fudge shampoo once I'm done with this.Moving on next i got the Nivea face, hands and body moisturiser i was so stoked that it was a 3 in one moisturiser as i was looking for one to replace my Clinique although its great it comes at a big cost and so I'm looking for a cheaper alternative that works just as great so far it has been working pretty well and for the price I'm super happy so thumbs up for now, I also wanted to try a hand cream as i may have mention a billion times already, here in NZ we are heading into summer and so its the perfect time to invest in you're moisturiser and sun block for those dry summer days out and so far i love the cream if anything I dislike about the product it would probably be the texture of the moisturiser its almost like Vaseline thick and jelly like "not one of my favourite textures for a hand cream" =[.   

And last but not least is the Dove orange cleanser this is for oily skin types and I must say when I first tried this product out it definitely removed the oil right off my face  I could literally feel my skin was very clean and dry of the dirt and oil which accumulated throughout the day so a big thumbs up there i wouldn't recommend this if you have dry skin because it has drying agents in it that would not be suitable for that particular skin type however there is more to the range and there definitely will be one for other skin types, as for sensitivity it has not brought upon any unwanted rashes or reactions and so forth.

I do however have a few unwanted bumps which appear and disappear and so if this product can clear that up I'm definitely in heaven lol!so guys that is my supermarket haul hope it didn't bore you to death and it has answered questions or queries regarding these products if not I'm here to help hope you all, have an amazing weekend until next time stay beautiful and i shall talk to you all soon xOx!