Friday, December 17, 2010


Hello beautiful people so if you are reading you must have found me via my link I'm super happy to have finally attained my very own blog its like the journal i never wrote in lol!but hey no need to worry guys i will not neglect you!soo as you will notice I have published 2 post before this one and as mentioned on my channel I did start this blog before annoucing it and so there are 2 posts to get you guys started =D so to let you guys know what I will be doing on this blog and what I will use it for.

So on my blog I will post random reviews,hauls,and all that good stuff that may or may not be featured on my YOUTUBE channel as I am aware of those who are most likely to only tune into one or the other but not to worry you can follow both if you prefer.So welcome to you all I hope you all enjoy what i have to say!and don't be shy to comment and ask questions after all i am here for you all! also don't forget to check out my youtube link which is below and subscribe for support.

sooo that sums this post up thank you all soooooo much for you're time in reading I wish you all a very safe and happy Merry Christmas and New Year and I look forward to our journey together. 

xOx! 1pricelessbeauty