Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello again loves i was at home today and I just happend to check the mail only to find my package i ordered last week from glamour doll eyes had arrived YAY! okay so i have been wanting to try them out for the longest time ever and then i was surfing the blogs last week when i came across a really awesome blog that had swatches i cannot remember who it was but it just really sold me on the product not only that but they sold samples in a jar OMG i was super happy that i could not only have a sample but that i had the option of having it in pretty packaging AND "FREE SHIPPING" which was for sample orders over $10 of corse this is US dollars but boy did that make my day!.Well my ladies so far all i have is 100% great feedback on the product i may do a look with these on my Youtube page so keep a look out for that but here are some swatches which i did DRY =) enjoy xxo!

Here is Glamour Doll Eyes Link: GLAMOUR DOLL EYES

This is how the items and how they came
Free Samples
So i got 2 free items with my purchase =)

All swatches were done dry but unfortunately the camera has not captured 100% of the pigmentation of these but this is an idea of the colors i purchased


  1. very pretty! can't wait to see them in tutorials!!!

  2. Can't wait to the tut... *) That purple is to die for...

  3. Hey girl love your blog... Just wanted to let you know that I am Honored to Award you the The Adorable Blog Award, check out my Blog for the details... *)

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