Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey loves so i recently purchased myself a new primer in Greed which is a gold shade and Sin which is more of a pink/brown tone more on the champagne side color and i LOVE these shades i found a seller on eBay selling them at a buy now $12.99 each i was super stoked on the price but when i emailed the seller i found she/he only shipped to the USA but i thought hey why not ask if he/she can do me a favor and ship internationally,The seller was super nice and they agreed to ship to me and it only cost me $4 US or $2.25 for US residents, not only that but it came well packaged and it arrived super fast in total i only had to wait 5 days =), well enough said i will pop a link for you all because i know these new primers retail for $19.00 at Sephora so get in quick before they sell out!xxo.

Seller's Link Here: UD PRIMER SELLER


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