Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi everyone so i decided i would fulfill a request i had from one of my subbies which was what is your top/favorite drug store foundation,so i have filmed a demo already on how i apply it but here is the low down on my thoughts on the pros and cons of this particular foundation which i adore =).

So the Revlon ColorStay  Foundation comes in a glass bottle with a plastic screw on cap the bottle contains 30ml's of product which is no different to how much i receive in both my NARS and MAC Pro Long Wear foundations it retails here in New Zealand for a whopping  $30-40 depending on where you purchase it i know EXPENSIVE! right?i have seen countless gurus in particular from the USA with this same bottle which retails for around $10-13 depending on where you purchase it also which is awesome for them but enough about the price lets talk about its performance.

So my initial thoughts on the product was that it is quite thin in texture so it can be runny and because of that i feel it requires a lot more caution when using it i could say they could produce them with pumps and volah!"problem solved".Besides that the product applies very well onto my skin and dries almost instant i feel that the coverage on this foundation is medium/buildable.I would most likely repurchase this and also recommend it to others as i feel that it is a great foundation which pros out weigh its cons and especially the fact that it is not higher end but works just as effective as $100 foundation.Below are some of the pros and cons.

* Affordable
* Wide color Selection
* Foundations for Both Dry & Oily Skin Types
* Long Lasting
* Easy to apply
* Perfect for photo's

* No pump (so can get messy)
* Has a strong scent (not so much noticeable once applied)

So that is my take on this foundation ladies i hope it has helped you out and given you some insight on the product it self so i hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEK and i will catch you all in the next post =) xxxo!

To see how i apply it click here: APPLICATION DEMO

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