Monday, May 9, 2011


Hey my loves so i have been MIA recently,It has been a busy month and will continue right on through till June as some of you may know i am gearing up for a journey to the States and so i have been working to the bone to collect some savings =) but aside from that i have been well and thinking of you all and how i can make my post more consistant,i havent reached a conclusion on that just yet but i will be uploading some more requested videos up on my youtube page for those who follow,aside from all that i recently jumped the iphone 4 band wagon so to speak =) my old 3gs decided to die on me and so i was on the hunt for a phone only to find out that i couldn't depart from iphone and i ended up just upgrading lol so here is a picture for you all to see,,i havent yet mastered all the features but im doing pretty okay with it lol,well i hope all is well with you all and i shall catch you all in my upcoming video much love


  1. Cute... I love the wallpaper.....

  2. Love ur wallpaper my dear! Btw do u have Whatapps on your iPhone 4?